SHILLD - VPN bot franchises
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Utility & Tokenomics

A deep-dive into our platform's token
🔸 Dextools model for $SHILLD holders (3000 tokens minimum)
automatic activation of a free VPN account which includes VIP package access consisting of unlimited traffic, multi-device access, and early product upgrade access to holder (utility released - @shilldvpnbot)
🔸 Subscription discount program for one time payments
30% discount if paying for subscriptions with $SHILLD tokens on ETH via our telegram native non-custodial payment solution (in development)
🔸 Loyalty Program
earn additional $SHILLD for loyalty based subscription durations (2+ years)
🔸 Partner referral program
If you refer a partner to launch their own VPN bot, 5% of all bot monthly revenue will be used to buyback $SHILLD and distribute to the referring entity
🔸 Revenue Share in ETH
3% of monthly revenues from all $SHILLD partner bots combined will be converted to ETH on the BASE blockchain and distributed amongst the token holders. Minimum holding amount required to qualify is 1000 $SHILLD tokens (0.01% of supply) to qualify. Holding will later be replaced by soft staking*
🔸 Buyback and burn using profit revenue
2% of revenues from all partner VPN bots combined will be used to buyback $SHILLD from the market and burn the supply, creating non-gimmick, truly deflationary tokenomics with zero inflation, leaking faucets, fast token distribution and 90%+ of total supply trading on the open market within the first 3 months.
🔸The total supply of $SHILLD is fixed at 10,000,000 tokens
🔸50% of token supply sold during pre-sale on Gempad
🔸16% of tokens sold during the early adopter round
🔸11.5% of is reserved for the ecosystem (marketing, advisors, growth)
🔸7% is team’s tokens
🔸15.5% is reserved for the LP on Ethereum
🔸Early Adopter: ~16 ETH allocation 0.0000108 ETH per token (~0.019) - SOLDOUT!
🔸Pre-Sale: 120 ETH hard cap allocation, 0.0000240 ETH per token (~0.039)
🔸TGE Marketcap (75%+ of tokens in circulation): $260,000
🔸Fully Diluted Value (FDV - marketcap with all tokens in circulation): $710,000
🔸90% of tokens in circulation after month 3
🔸Early Adopter: 40% TGE, 3 months vesting, block unlock, no cliff
🔸Pre-Sale round: 100% unlocked on TGE
🔸Ecosystem: 20% TGE, 5 months vesting, weekly unlocks, no cliff
🔸Liquidity: 15.5% of supply for the LP available immediately
🔸Team: 20% TGE, 8 months vesting, block unlock, no cliff
🔸Airdrop & Community: 1 month cliff, full unlock after