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Let's dive into the roadmap
Q1 2022 - Team Shilld launches 1st VPN bot, “ELON VPN”
Q2 2022 - First partner onboarded Telegram Info Channel - @tginfovpn_bot
Q2 2022 - Implementation of Shadowsocks protocol
Q3 2022 - Second partner onboarded - Wow Media - @wowvpn_bot
Q4 2022 - Custom Shadowsocks server technology implementation
Q1 2023 - Third partner onboarded - Hasbulla - @hasbullavpnbot
Q1 2023 - Became first, EXCLUSIVE, beta testers of Telegram wallet acquiring and payments in TON
Q1 2023 - Crypto integration with Nowpayments
Q1 2023 - ELON VPN renamed to ProVPN - @provpnbot, becomes our highest revenue in-house bot with 3k+ paying users
Q1 2023 - Fourth partner onboarded - Chorshanbe MMA - @krutoyvpnbot
Q2 2023 - Started development of a massive 2.0 upgrade to all bots for Q3 release
**Q2 2023 **- 4 more partners onboarded - @isafevpnbot, @yumivpnbot, @HolyVPN_bot, @vpnbitcoinbot. Get to know the rest of our partners here:
Q2 2023 - Officially launched Telegram wallet payments with TON
Q2 2023 - Started development of the VPN protocol for China and Iran
Q3 2023 - $SHILLD token, utility and web3 upgrade announced. Read our litepaper:
Q3 2023 - Telegram wallet payments with TON are officially live
Q3 2023 - Russia’s Roskomnadzor bans several western VPN protocols, SHILLD adjusts the technology to bypass the connection
Q3 2023 - $SHILLD Early Adopter round SOLDOUT!
Q3 2023 - Received Google Cloud server grant. Now supported by Google Cloud.
Q3 2023 - Massive VPN 2.0 upgrade completed. 30% paying user growth on new, multi-device VIP packages
Q3 2023 - $SHILLD token Public Pre-Sale. Read more about our tokenomics
Q3 2023 - $SHILLD token utility implementation across all partner bots, offering a 15% subscription discount when paying with $SHILLD tokens
Q3 2023 - $SHILLD web3-only bot launch, with a Dextools-like full feature service activation model for token holders
Q3 2023 - Partnering with a Green Initiatives partner for a charity
Q4 2023 - AI-based tech support powered by Shilldshilla - our official meme problem fixing mascot superhero
Q4 2023 - Implementation of our in-house custom VPN protocol “ShilldX Protocol”
Q4 2023 - Expansion to new in-demand markets via partnerships in China, UAE, Iran, Turkey, India on ShilldX Protocol
Q4 2023 - Web-App bot version implementation
Q4 2023 - Target 50 telegram VPN bot partners across 7 countries by Q1 2024
Q1 2024 - Native iPhone, Android and desktop app development
Q1 2024 - Partner CRM development and implementation
Q2 2024 - Decentralizing partner onboarding process with a full web3 model: automatic partner bot creation for $SHILLD token holding partners
Q3 2024 - AI-based server routing implementation
Q4 2024 - Twitter (X) VPN-AI bot development
Q4 2024 - ShilldX browser development